Green Angel Hand Lotion Lavender, Mandarin & Neroli 300ml

Green Angel

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This luxurious hand lotion nourishes your hands with enriched multi vitamins and minerals from the sea combined with added organic Lavender, Mandarin and Neroli essential oils and the added protection of vitamin E . All combined these indulgent ingredients help to hydrate, rejuvenate and restore damaged skin cells.

LAVENDER has anti-inflammatory properties which is great for soothing and healing irritated skin MANDERINE maintains moisture balance in the skin, has antiseptic and sedative properties.Is very calming and can improve the look of scars, stretch marks and ageing skin. NEROLI is a sensual and seductive oil. It is made from the distilled petals of the orange blossom tree. It has very potent soothing and calming properties.

Especially good for dry or chapped hands or if your work requires you to come in contact with water where the skin dehydrates faster.

This product is Paraben Free, SLS Free; does not contain Sulphates, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Colours & Fragrances, Micro Beads, Animal Derivatives or GMO’S Not Tested on Animals.